The spanish border

Narbaitz campsite is 8km from the Spanish border.

Don’t forget that the Basque Country straddles two lands: one part is on French soil (The French Basque Country or “Iparralde” in Basque) and the other on Spanish soil (The Spanish Basque Country or “Hegoalde” in Basque). Whilst you’re out walking, you’re more than likely to have one foot in France and the other in Spain !

You could hop over to the Spanish Basque Country during your stay at Narbaitz campsite: all you need to do is cross the Col de Ronceveaux over St Jean Pied de Port or the Col d’Ispéguy over St Etienne de Baigorry to dive into Spanish Basque culture. You can also experience other routes: the path through the Aldudes Valley is stunning!

Again, please feel free to ask for advice at Narbaitz campsite reception: Pamplona, Olite, Elizondo and the Bardenas Reales are just a few of the day trips you can go on from the campsite.

Last but not least, the border village of Arnéguy is teeming with shopping centres where you can grab a bargain.