• Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port

Saint Jean Pied de Port

Narbaitz campsite is a 2km drive on the D.933 road from St Jean Pied de Port.

If you want to walk or cycle to the campsite, we recommend you take the D18 through the village of Ascarat whose centre is 700m from the campsite. It’s 3km from St Jean Pied de Port.

St Jean Pied de Port is a fortified city with the Citadel of Vauban as its fortress.

Thousands of holidaymakers visit the old town every year. It’s a fantastic place to explore if you love stone buildings and history.

Aside from its heritage, St Jean Pied de Port’s natural setting appeals to visitors of all kinds:

- If you love hiking and the great outdoors (rafting, caving, canyoning, mountain biking, cycling, road cycling etc.), this is the place for you. The town of St Jean Pied de Port lies at the foot of the Basque mountains in Iraty Valley.

The many mountains surrounding St Jean Pied de Port are described as medium mountains whose summits peak at 1000/1200m, are open all year and are suitable for all levels of ability: experienced, occasional walkers, families etc. It is a major asset for Saint Jean Pied de Port and its mountains.

The Gorges of Kakuetta, Holzarté and the famous suspended bridge are 1 hour from Narbaitz campsite and are among the area’s must-visits: the sites are breathtaking and the road to reach them is simply stunning!

Feel free to ask for advice at reception: aside from the nature activities available at the campsite in partnership with our local mountain guides, we can also recommend routes suited to your needs (hiking guides and maps available to borrow).

- St Jean Pied de Port is a famous stop for Santiago de Compostela pilgrims: thousands of pilgrims from four continents stop at St Jean Pied de Port between March and October. You can walk part of the Santiago de Compostela route during your stay: walking to and from Col de Bentarte in Ibañeta above St Jean Pied de Port and overlooking Ronceveaux Monastery makes for a wonderful hike that’s fairly level and perfect for the whole family to enjoy.

- The source of the Great Nive (the main river in the inland Basque Country) begins 15km upstream from St Jean Pied de Port, runs through the heart of town and flows 200m from Narbaitz campsite. The river is the perfect place trout fishing.

French and foreign visitors join local fishermen from mid-March to mid-September to explore the Great Nive and its many tributaries (small Nives, mountain streams etc.). Having a no kill zone right next to Narbaitz campsite is a real asset.

Just like the mountains, the local rivers are ideal for all levels of fishing ability: passionate or occasional fishermen!

The little stream running by Narbaitz campsite is ideal for your first time fishing. Here you’ll find minnows and gudgeons although the trout is reserved by and for 88 year old Marcel, the oldest camper at Narbaitz campsite!

- The market and tourist town of St Jean Pied de Port is surrounded by several small villages brought to life by agriculture: cattle, sheep and pig breeding and wine making are the main features of local farming.

There are lots of small local producers so you can experience local specialities for yourself at the weekly Monday market or the farms: please feel free to ask for advice from Narbaitz campsite reception. We can recommend producers whose produce and service other campers have enjoyed up to now.